Kia earns a spot on the Autotrader 10 Best Non-Luxury Certified Pre-Owned Programs for 2018

Looking into your used car shopping options? If so, you've probably spent some time driving around to dealerships throughout the greater Fort Lauderdale and Plantation, FL areas, and you've most certainly heard the term "certified pre-owned" thrown around a lot. Now, nearly every brand has its own version of a certified pre-owned program in this day and age, but you should know that they're not that not all of them are created equal. 


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Kia Soul seals its spot on the KBB's 10 Coolest Cars Under $20,000 list for the seventh year running!

Here at our Sunrise, FL Kia dealership, we could point to any number of factors that keep drivers from all around the greater Fort Lauderdale, FL area coming back year after year. However, while our dedication to customer service and competitive pricing are undoubtedly compelling factors for many drivers from Plantation to Davie, FL, we think that one of coolest things about coming to our dealership has got to be the Kia Soul


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Is your Kia ready for those sudden summer showers? A fresh set of windshield wiper blades might just be all you need!

Here in the Sunshine State, and especially here in Sunrise, we're fortunate to enjoy nearly endless days of sun and gorgeous weather during the summertime. However, as any seasoned Floridian knows, a perfect day can turn into a torrential downpour at the drop of a hat. And when sunny skies shift to gray and stormy weather, you want to be certain that your Kia is ready to weather the squall. Now, that can mean a lot of things, but today, we'd like to focus on one crucial aspect of automotive precipitation preparedness: Windshield Wipers.


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2018 Kia Soul dials up its style and feature sophistication with new option packages

If you look at the Kia portfolio these days, it's easy to see that the new 2018 Kia Soul stands out from the crowd. In fact, when you compare it to many other compact cars on the market the today, it's clear to see that the new 2018 Kia Soul is one of the few vehicles out there that doesn't really fit into any conventional classification. However, with its distinctive exterior styling and feature-forward equipment list, the 2018 Kia Soul is a great automotive companion for urban commuters throughout the greater Fort Lauderdale, FL area. 


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See how the new Kia Rio blends feature-forward design and efficiency to make the perfect subcompact car!

Nowadays, if you're looking for a reliable means of transportation at a competitive price point, you'll have a lot of different options to choose from in the subcompact car segment. Unfortunately, when you look at many dealerships around the greater Fort Lauderdale, FL area, you'll often find you have to make a compromise between a subcompact car that's priced right for your budget and a subcompact car with a few more features that you'll actually enjoy driving everyday. 


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See how the innovative features of the new 2018 Kia Sorento make driving in Fort Lauderdale, FL a breeze!

If you're a parent like many or us here at Rick Case Kia Sunrise, you know that sometimes it can feel like you practically need to have eyes in the back of your head, and that's especially true when you're traveling around nearby Fort Lauderdale, FL with your kids. After all, you not only have to keep an eye on what your kids are up to in the back seat, but also watch out for cars in your blind spot, and you may even need to pull off some tricky parallel parking maneuvers from time to time…

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Need help caring for your Kia after holiday travel? Check out these helpful tips from Rick Case Kia Sunrise

Well folks, the holiday season is finally behind us, and if you're like many Floridian drivers, you spent a lot of time on the road visiting friends and family over the past few months. But while enjoying some free time with your loved ones can be relaxing for you, all that excess mileage can put stress on your car. So, if you want to ensure your Kia car is ready to take on 2018 with confidence, we here at Rick Case Kia Sunrise might just have some helpful Kia service and maintenance tips to help you do just that…

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The Competition is Stinging From the Kia Stinger

The status quo is always threatened by a new competitor. But what does it look like for the status quo to not only be threatened, but to be beaten? It looks like the new Kia Stinger. As it outperforms many of the traditional premium performance and luxury vehicles, the competition is left stinging from the Stinger in Sunrise. What do we mean? Well consider these figures.

The 2018 Stinger GT boasts up to 365 horsepower, beating...

  • ...the 2018 Audi A7 Sportback (340 horsepower)
  • ...the 2018 BMW 440i Gran Coupe (320 horsepower)
  • ...the 2018 BMW 640i Gran Coupe (315 horsepower)
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