Rotating the tires, which is recommended by all tire manufacturers, involves changing the tire’s position on the vehicle from one wheel location to another. This helps to even out tire wear between all the tires so the tires last longer and do not develop abnormal wear patterns. 

Refer to your owner’s manual/tire manufacturer handbook for the recommendation as to the time/mileage intervals to rotate your tires.


On most vehicles, the front wheels tend to wear at a much faster rate than those on the rear. This is because we use the front wheels of course, to steer, to turn, so the tires are naturally subject to more wear.


Let Rick Case Kia in Sunrise help you get the most out of your tires.  When you bring your vehicle in for service, we will check the wear of your tires and let you know how the tires are wearing, and if you need to rotate them.

By rotating the tires front to rear and side to side, differences in wear patterns between the wheel locations spreads the wear of the tires more evenly. Consequently, rotating your tires on a regular basis will maximize the life of your tires.


For rear-wheel drive cars and trucks, the recommended tire rotation pattern is to rotate the front wheels to the opposite side on the rear and move the rear wheels to the same side on the front. 


For front-wheel drive cars and minivans, the recommended tire rotation pattern is to rotate the rear wheels to the front on the opposite side and move the front wheels to the rear on the same side.


If your vehicle has "directional" tires (small arrows or triangles indicating the direction of travel), the wheels must not be switched side to side. They can, however, be rotated front to rear on the same side.


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