Here in the Sunshine State, and especially here in Sunrise, we're fortunate to enjoy nearly endless days of sun and gorgeous weather during the summertime. However, as any seasoned Floridian knows, a perfect day can turn into a torrential downpour at the drop of a hat. And when sunny skies shift to gray and stormy weather, you want to be certain that your Kia is ready to weather the squall. Now, that can mean a lot of things, but today, we'd like to focus on one crucial aspect of automotive precipitation preparedness: Windshield Wipers.?

Yes, of all the different Kia parts and accessories that keep your car going through anything, your windshield wipers are undoubtedly the most obvious components to keep in good condition for sudden bouts of inclement weather. Unfortunately, they're also some of the most often overlooked parts when it comes to replacements, and we all know how irksome and potentially dangerous it can be when they don't work right. That annoying squeaking sound coupled with streaks left on your windshield, and in some cases, a lot of water left behind to obscure your view of the road, is a sure sign that your wiper blades aren't in good condition.

What many drivers don't realize is that the excess heat of sunny Florida summer days can wear down and harden the rubber on your windshield wiper blades, leaving them less flexible and cracked and contributing to those streaky arcs left on your windshield. To prevent this, it's always a good idea to park in the shade, and occasionally wipe down your wiper blades with a clean cloth and test them for pliability.

However, if you find your windshield wiper blades are totally worn out, it's only too easy for us to set you up with a set of replacement blades here at Rick Case Kia Sunrise. Swing by our Kia service center near Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Plantation, and Hollywood, FL to browse our selection of genuine Kia parts and accessories today!

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