Well folks, the holiday season is finally behind us, and if you're like many Floridian drivers, you spent a lot of time on the road visiting friends and family over the past few months. But while enjoying some free time with your loved ones can be relaxing for you, all that excess mileage can put stress on your car. So, if you want to ensure your Kia car is ready to take on 2018 with confidence, we here at Rick Case Kia Sunrise might just have some helpful Kia service and maintenance tips to help you do just that.

Post-road trip Kia care checklist

  • Check your tire pressure and rotate your tires: If you drove a lot this holiday season, chances are your tires need to be refilled. Fully inflated tires can help you achieve optimal performance with your Kia car, and prevent uneven tire wear to boot. If you do notice signs of uneven tire wear, such as a slight vibration in the steering column when driving around, you may want to have your Kia car's tires rotated after a road trip at our Sunrise, FL Kia service center.
  • Check your oil and change it if necessary: Ideally, you should check your oil levels roughly every other time you fill up your Kia car with gas, but it's especially important to check before and after a road trip. When checking using the oil dipstick, you want the oil to be above the fill line and light amber in color. If this is not the case, make sure to schedule your next Kia oil change with Rick Case Kia Sunrise as soon as possible.
  • Check for fluid leaks: After a road trip, take a few minutes to start up your car and allow it to idle. After stopping your car, look under the vehicle for leaking fluid. You'll often find water or condensation from your air conditioning system, but other fluids like brake fluid or oil could necessitate immediate service.
  • Clean your car: If left uncleaned, dirt and debris left over on the exterior of your car from a road trip can cause damage to its exterior over time, and that's to say nothing of the pests that can be attracted by leftover food in your car. As such, having your thoroughly washed and detailed after extended travel is absolutely imperative.

Of course, if you're looking to ensure your car is in top shape after a long holiday season of travel, a quick multi-point inspection here at Rick Case Kia Sunrise can easily assess any issues you might have. So, feel free to schedule your next service appointment with our Sunrise, FL Kia service center at your earliest convenience.

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